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caring for our livestock

At Real Reefs we hand select every marine animal to bring to our shop. We then quarantine all of our fish for a minimum of three weeks to ensure when they are available for sale they are in the very best condition and disease free. All our fish are fed a rich mixture of foods up to five times a day.

We have a full range of corals for sale from small frags ideal for a nano tank and a few monsters too! Up to eight hundred soft corals, LPS corals and SPS corals are kept in stock. Every budget is catered for with some corals being just a few pounds and some prized specimens at several hundred. At Real Reefs you are guaranteed to find something really special!

When you buy livestock at Real Reefs they are double bagged and oxygen added for fish to ensure they arrive home with you just as they left the shop. To see videos of our stock, watch our YouTube channel. (link below)


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