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TrachyphylliaAbout Real Reefs

The shop

Based in Knightsbridge, which is a couple of miles from Cheltenham, Real Reefs opened in 2003 as Gloucestershire's only Marine Aquarium Specialist. The shop moved into larger premises in April 2009 and runs four systems, fish, quarantine, invertebrates and live rock.


The fish are housed in a 3000 litre system. All fish have been quarantined for a minimum of three weeks before going on sale in a dedicated quarantine system holding 1100 litres. There is a huge selection of fish with over a hundred varieties in at any one time. From small to large all of the main families of fish are covered. All fish are fed a minimum of five times a day and kept in a stress free environment to ensure that each fish is in it's best possible condition.


The invertebrate system holds 3000 litres. Up to eight hundred corals are kept in stock with a huge selection of soft corals, large polyp stony corals (LPS), small polyp stony corals (SPS) and frags. All coral tanks are lit by AI Vega LED Tiles or AI Sol LED tiles. All water parameters are strictly monitored and controlled to provide the ultimate habitat for each coral.

Dry Goods

Everything needed to start and maintain a Marine System is kept in stock from only the best manufacturers including some of the following Arcadia, Aqua Medic, TMC, Tropic Marin, D-D, Deltec, Brightwell Aquatics, KorallenZucht, EcoTech Marine, Salifert, Two Little Fishes, New Era, Red Sea, Reef Crystals, Reef Scientific, Hobby, Eheim, Hydor, Gamma and Aquarian.